Futurepia Mainnet, Blockchain for Social Media.

What is

Futurepia is an open-source public blockchain platform developed to help businesses, enterprises, and startups to move to blockchain.

It is built on a 4th generation consensus algorithm called DDPoS (Dual Delegated Proof of Stake) whcih solves the scalability, security, and usability issues of previous solutions. Futurepia not only provides mainnet core engine APIs but also other useful modules like live streaming, smart wallets, communication networks, and P2P Cloud API. Due to these groundbreaking solutions Futurepia won the ‘Most Innovative Blockchain Award’ at the Blockchain Leadership Summit in Switzerland, 2018.n

Thanks to its PASTA protocol, Futurepia can implement blockchain technology into everyday life by offering various developer and user friendly solutions,, n

Blockchain to reach
Mainstream adoption

Complicated complex setup are among the top hurdles that blockchain
technology needs to overcome to see widespread adoption. n

"The Futurepia mainnet was built to bring the user-friendly
blockchain experience to billions by creating a system that allows u sers to easily set up their accounts without
worrying about remembering and storing private keys each time they sign up for a new blockchain application. "n

Our PASTA Protocol is the answer to remove all the pain points that users experience with other blockchain applications n

PASTA is the technical standard used for all smart contracts on the Futurepia blockchain for token implementation.

Using its Single Sign On (SSO) feature, users can have just 1 ID & Password for various DApps on the
Futurepia blockchain.

Core features of


"Futurepia’s DDPoS algorithm resolves the security risks of DPoS (3rd generation blockchain technology).
DDPoS (Dual Delegated Proof of Stake) uses a total of 21 delegated nodes, where 17 Master nodes are fixed and the remaining 4 nodes are randomly selected.
Because of these arbitrarily chosen nodes, the risk of collusion between master nodes significantly decreases. "n

DDPoS Patent Certificate


" Scalability is achieved by having a 300,000 TPS
mainnet speed certified by KOLAS
(Korean research lab acknolwedged bty 72 different countries)"n

View TPS Certificate

Developer friendliness

"Futurepia provides a list of 100+ APIs to empower
developers to easily create new DApps without
knowing a new programming language. Moreover, the world’s first Windows-based BP/BO setup."n


"Existing solutions are complex and users have to deal with various
wallets & multiple private keys for each DApp. Futurepia mitigates these hurdles through a Single Sign On feature using a PASTA protocol, where one
ID/Password is used for all the DApps on Futurepia blockchain; making the blockchain mass-adoption dream come to reality."n


"Existing solutions are very costly for both users and DApp developers.
(e.g. DApp developers have to stake a huge amount of EOS tokens to deploy their DApp. On the other hand, Ethereum charges on average
$0.112 USD from users as a transaction fee).
Futurepia's transactions fees are
extremely low @ KRW 1 (USD 0.0001) per transaction and developers don’t have to stake PIA Tokens."n

App to DApp

"Futurepia has expertise in developing DApps for
businesses that wish to include customized features,
such as blockchain-based transactions, token
rewards for user communities,and crypto wallets etc."n



  • SKT SmartKeepel CCTV + App. Launch
  • CCTV Location based App 'Oing' Development
  • Cloud Streaming Services 'CANCAN'
  • Patent : Prohibition on Similar App Double Action
  • Mobile media streaming service using UDP Punching
  • Mass storage file with wifi direct Technology
  • Media streaming using Cloud Service Server




  • 'TOUCH' Application Launch
  • Real-time Personal Broadcasting Media Server Development
  • Research Block Chain Algorithm




  • Team building : DDPoS Algorithm Development
  • DDPoS Engine Development
  • Basic work for ICO
  • Patent : Method of verifying block based on Blockchain
  • Web Wallet Development
  • DDPoS Mainnet Launch
  • PIA Web Wallet Launch




  • FUTUREPIA Rewards Policy
  • FUTUREPIA Service Development
  • Blockchain DDPoS Node Buildn
  • DDPoS Mainnet Setting
  • DDPoS Mainnet Open Preparation
  • Master Node Select
  • App Wallet Development
  • 50 APIs finished
  • Window/Linux base BP,BO setup
  • Testnet open to public




  • Development of Futurepia DApp
  • SNAC upgrade
  • SNAC Open Beta Launch (2Q)
  • Listing on BW Exchange (2Q)
  • 105API finished (2Q)



2019 3Q~4Q

  • Development of Futurepia Dapp
  • SNAC upgrade
  • PASTA(Pia Alliance Standard Token Agreement) Launch (3Q)
  • Listing on Digifinex Korea Exchange (3Q)
  • BP System Launch (4Q)
  • Global Sales team setup (3Q)
  • Global Partnership with Asian Country (4Q)
  • SNAC Vietnam



2020 1Q~2Q

  • Development of Futurepia Dapp
  • SNAC upgrade
  • Global Sales
  • Global Partnership for Asian, Eurepen, USA country
  • Establish USA Sigmachain Office (2Q)
  • Global meet up (2Q)