1. What is FUTUREPIA?

Futurepia is a distributed social media Mainnet based on blockchain technology. It supports DApps specialized on social media, it has a DApp Store, and provides various APIs for DApp developers.

2. What is DDPoS?

It is a new consensus algorithm that solves the problem of the existing DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) method, which is called 3rd generation blockchain technology. In DDPoS(Double Delegated Proof of Stake), as Block is created in each round, the master node (BP) and the Futurepia node (BO) become representative nodes in random order. Because of this, the risk of collusion between master nodes decreases, and improves the processing speed.

3. Futurepia's DDPoS is a great technology. Why is it innovative?

Because Futurepia is a social media Mainnet which is developed based on DDPoS (Dual Delegated Proof of Stake), a unique algorithm of Sigma Chain. Thanks to this, it has a high transaction speed of 300,000 TPS (Transactions Per Second) and higher security.

4. At what stage is DDPOS currently implemented?

DDPos itself is already developed, and Futurepia social media Mainnet is preparing to incorporate sharding technology into DDPoS's consensus algorithm. 90% has already been completed and Futurepia succeeded in becoming the first Windows builder in the world, while the existing blockchain technology is challenging only Linux builders. We are currently in the process of beta testing for the commercialization of social media Mainnet services based on blockchain.

5. How much does it cost to use Futurepia?

There are no fees in Futurepia, therefore it is free.

6. If I have any questions, how can I contact the team?

You can contact us via email at Futurepia and you will find more information in the Futurepia community.

7. Can I send ETH or BTC from the exchange?

No it is not possible. You can only send to personal wallet addresses such as MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Mist, Parity, Ledger Wallet. You can never send an ETH or BTC on an exchange.

8. Is there a KYC procedure?


9. How secure is it to upload an identity document (passport, ID, other documents) on Futurepia website?

Yes.The FUTUREPIA website processes and protects your identity data according to privacy laws and terms and conditions.For more detailed information, please see our privacy and terms of use.